Popcorn Crispy Squares

A pink plate with 2 slices on. The slices are pink in colour and have white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles on top.
OK who else used to absolutely LOVE Rice Krispies Squares? The gooey sweetness of the marshmallow with the crunchiness of the Rice crispies was just the perfect match. In this recipe I create my Uniqucorn twist on those childhood sweet treats with Popcorn mixed in with the cereal and loaded with jellybeans, white chocolate and a magical dusting sprinkles. Super fun to make and eat and a perfect lunch box treat!

I’ve made mine using fully vegan ingredients but you can also use exact same quantities of non vegan ingredients to get the same result. Also add in Gluten free Rice crispies to make the recipe gluten free. I aim to show people that you can easily make delicious recipes suit you with just simple like for like swaps. Shockingly the hardest thing for me to find vegan was the rice crispies going to Sainsburys, Tesco and Marks and Spencers before eventually finding some in good old Lidl, I also found out from an Instagram follower that Morrisons also sell some if that is nearer to you. 

All the ingredients from the recipe laid out on a retro table cloth

To start with line a rectangular brownie tray/cake mould with cling film. I used a 22cmx32cm tray. This makes the squares lovely and deep but you can use a bigger tray if you wanted them a little thinner. 

In this recipe I have used my Candyloss Popcorn but my Sweet shop mix would also work really well here. Put your Rice crispies, popcorn and jelly beans into a big bowl and mix them together.  When choosing your jelly beans if you’re going for fully vegan bites look out for beeswax in the ingredients. I used M&S Jelly beans as they are 100% vegan and also as I love the Plant kitchen marshmallows from there it was great to be able to get them both from the same place. I’ve also put into the recipe an option to add popping candy. This would make a super fun extra for those of you not wishing to make them vegan but unfortunately I have been unable to find vegan popping candy for my bake as it all contains milk. If I manage to find some I will update the recipe with details on where to get it from. Make sure your bowl is plenty big enough to hold all the dry ingredients plus the melted marshmallows when you’re mixing them together you need plenty of space.

Traditionally in Crispy treats butter is used when melting the Marshmallows but I find Coconut oil gives a much deeper flavour, you can’t quite taste coconut but it just gives it an extra layer of yummyness along with being better for you than butter and bonus of it being vegan. 

My absolute fave Vegan marshamallows are M&S ones I find them so fluffy and light texture I had them a a BBQ last year and we were making s’mores with them and they really toasted just the same as non vegan ones. Sometimes I find vegan marshmallows can be a bit tougher but not these! Also in using these it gives the final product a lovely pink colour upgrade on the original white crispy squares and I mean who doesn’t like pink! 

When I was melting the Marshmallows and the oil together it went through this horrible stage where it was all clumpy and weird and I was convinced it was all going horribly wrong. If this happens with you just keep constantly stirring it and it will get to the smooth marshmallow fluff you need. Don’t let the stirring stop as the oil or the side of the pan can make the sugar in the marshmallows start to burn and just trust the process. 


pink and white Marshmallows and Coconut oil in a pan ready to melt together
Close up view of pink melted marshmallow getting mixed in with rice crispies, colourful popcorn and sweets

Now for the most fun messy bit!!! 

Pour your melted marshmallow mix into your dry ingredients bowl and mix it all together until its all combined! I started mixing it using the spatula but as the Marshmallow mix started cooling and getting thicker I had to get my hands in to combine it all. This is the most fun bit. I always love getting my hands in to mix things up and is fun to do with kids getting them involved. If you are using your hands to mix please just be careful ensuring the marshmallow has cooled enough that you don’t burn yourself. 

Once its all combined tip it into your lined tray and pat it out flat. Again I find the easiest way of doing this is with your hands. At this point the mixture is very sticky and I find using a spatula or utensils at this point just keeps sticking and makes it harder rather than easier. 

Push it right into all the corners of the tin and flatted it out using pressure to make sure all the dry ingredients are stuck together with marshmallow. 


I have used Free from Kitchen White Chocolate which is available in tesco and is a perfect example of an easy like for like vegan swap. It really is very hard to tell the difference between this chocolate and dairy based white chocolate in the way it melts, sets and tastes.

Melt it in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water and drizzle over the top of your Crispy marshmallow tray. Sprinkle on your extra magic sprinkles, I used These sprinkles from Baking time club. I get all my sprinkles from them. They have so much to choose from and I love supporting a small biz where I can.

Pop your tray into the fridge and let set for an hour or so until the chocolate drizzle has fully set and, voila, your bake is ready to tip out the tray onto a chopping board and cut into squares.

A baking tray filled with pink marshmallow crispy mix with white chocolate drizzles over the top.

Your Popcorn Crispy squares are best kept air tight at room temperature and eaten within 3 days. 


Close up of 2 popcorn crispy squares on a pink plate.
Liz, owner of Uniqucorn Popcorn in a pink tshirt eating a slice of her popcorn crispy squares

Makes 12-16 squares    Easy     30mins plus 1 hour setting time.

Popcorn Crispy Squares


200g Rice Crispies

100g Candyfloss flavour or Sweet shop mix Uniqucorn Popcorn

420g Marshmallows (vegan or non vegan)

65g Bag jelly beans

30g popping candy (non vegan optional extra)

3Tbsp Coconut Oil

100g white chocolate (vegan or non vegan)

30g Sprinkles.


  1. First line a 22cmx32cm cake tin with cling film.
  2. Pop your Rice Crispies, Popcorn Jelly beans (and popping candy if using) into a large mixing bowl and stir to combine.
  3.  Pop your Coconut oil and marshmallows into a large saucepan over a medium heat. Stir constantly until all the Marshmallows are melted and combined into a smooth fluffy mixture.
  4. Pour the mixture into your mixing bowl with your dry ingredients and fold in until everything is combined and there are no loose crispies left over.
  5. Use your hands to pat down the mixture into the pan pushing it right into the corners and flattening it out.
  6. Melt your white chocolate in a bowl placed over a pan of boiling water.
  7. Drizzle the chocolate over your marshmallow mix and sprinke your sprinkles evenly over the top.
  8. Pop your tray into the fridge for one hour or untill the chocolate drizzles have set.
  9. Cut into 12-16 squares and Enjoy 🙂

Your Popcorn Crispy squares are best kept air tight at room temperature and eaten within 3 days. 


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