Classic Cosmo Cocktail

You know me and my love of 90’s Nostalgia, well I couldn’t not include the Sex and the City classic Cosmo in my cocktail offerings now, could I?!?!
Yes the Cosmopolitan wasn’t invented BY Sex and the City, but good old Carrie and her pals definitely popularised it. Often found sitting around in a busy Manhattan bar and just generally living #friendshipgoals

I remember sneakily watching Sex and the city quietly on my Bedroom TV because I my parents would have never wanted me to watch it (along with many other programs too) and their lives just seemed so glamorous, they always seemed to have a cocktail in hand.
It’s a really, tart cocktail traditionally made from Vodka, orange liqueur cranberry juice and lime. As it contains no sugar syrup to sweeten it up this cocktail is maybe not for the ultra-sweet toothed Uniqucorn fans out there, but it’s super refreshing and a perrrtty shade of pink, and that’s all that really counts in a cocktail right!?

My Cosmo Popcorn has a little sweeter edge to it due to the manufacturing process so when accompanying the cocktail, they create a lovely balanced pallet.

Stock up for your next girl’s night in, because, as we all know, in, in is the new out, out!

As with all my Uniqucorn-tails range there’s a mix of 2 different flavoured popcorn which when popped in your mouth at the same time combine to make the full cocktail. Or eat each colour on its own for an equally delicious flavour explosion.
Pink popcorn – Cranberry and orange Liqueur
Lime Green Popcorn – Citron vodka and lime.

To make the Cocktail

37.5ml Citron Vodka

12.5ml Cointreau (or other orange Liqueur)

Dash Orange Bitters (optional)

12.5ml Fresh Lime

25ml Cranberry Juice

Orange Peel to Garnish

  1. Put some ice and water into a martini glass to chill the glass to start with. This will be tipped away before pouring the drink in so don’t worry about watering it down but is super important to do this for drinks that don’t have ice in them so they can remain chilled whilst you’re chinwagging away putting the world to rights.
  2. Pour all your wet ingredients into your shaker and top with ice.
  3. Pop the top on securely and give it a good old shake up. When I was working in the bar and we used to do master classes I always used to teach people to pretend it was a present that you were trying to figure out what it is so shaking it near your ear 😊 Shake it until a nice layer of condensation has formed on the outside of the shaker,
  4. Empty the water and ice out of your glass and double strain (if you can) your cocktail in. Double straining removes any ice shards and makes the drink super smooth.
  5. Holding your orange peel over the top of your glass twist it to release the essential oils and place the twist on the edge of the glass.
  6. Serve with a lovely bowl of Uniqucorn-tails Cosmo Popcorn and enjoy!
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