Black Forest Popcorn Freakshake Recipe

YIPPEEEE summer’s here, finally, it felt like forever until it came. Time for water balloon fights, games, BBQs in the garden and seaside trips. This Black Forest freakshake is perfect for a sunny day treat for the family in between all the fun in the sun!

When I was growing up back in the good old 90’s Black Forest Gateau was a super treat. Big events and celebrations, buffets at grown up family parties, there was always a black forest gateau around. And I loved it! The chocolate sponge, the lashings of cream and the super-rich yummy cherry taste….. Heaven. So, I couldn’t resist giving black forest a Uniqucorny freak shake twist. The cherry flavouring, I use in the Cherry drop popcorn is Morello cherry which is the lovely rich cherries that are used in Black forest gateau, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity.

I LOOOVVVEEEEE freakshakes. During the early days of Uniqucorn I did pop up shops at Crumpets and Coffee coffee shop in Worcester and customers could create their own freakshakes it was so much fun. For those who don’t know a freakshake is like a milkshake but with more pizazz. Be prepared to start seeing many more of these around here as the warmer days come in.

With Freakshakes it’s just as much about presentation as it’s about what goes in. With that in mind my recipe starts with melting up a little dark chocolate to dip the rim of your glasses into. Melt it in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water, it’s not in my original recipe but if you want to go extra on the popcorn, here you could also dip it into some crushed Cherry drop Uniqucorn popcorn.

Next to make the Chocolate curls decoration. With the remaining dark chocolate put it so the flat side is facing up. Grab yourself a large shapr knife, if you’re doing this with kids make sure they’re super careful here, or maybe do this part yourself.  Drag the blade of the knife along the flat surface of the chocolate, being careful not to press too hard, and pull towards you. This should make chocolate curls. They’re great as a freakshake topping, also great on ice creams, cakes, and hot chocolates.

Time to make the main part of the freakshake. I’ve put Monin morello cherry syrup as an optional ingredient. If you’re making these for a special treat or special occasion, I strongly recommend using this, it adds a delicious extra layer of cherry richness to the shake, but I am aware that this isn’t usually something you can buy from a standard supermarket and the shake is still super yummy without it! The ice cream I’ve used in the recipe is Ben and Jerrys Fudge Brownie Vegan ice cream. As with all my recipes they are easily switched between plant based and dairy ingredients to suit your personal preferences. However, using coconut milk instead of cows’ milk is strongly recommended, it adds such an extra creamy layer or silky deliciousness to any drink. Blast all your ingredients in a blender until its all combined, you can add in more, or less milk to make your fave kind of texture shake. Next go back to your glasses and squeeze a little squidge of chocolate syrup all around the inside of the glass and pour in the shake, dividing equally between the 4 glasses.

Pile each shake up with Whip, Cherry drop popcorn, and your chocolate curls and an extra squeeze of chocolate sauce for good luck. Sit back in the sun, relax and enjoy.

  1. Serves 4                            easy                  10 mins

    For the shake

    1 Tub Fudge Browine Ice cream (I used Ben and Jerrys vegan range but they do the same one in dairy also)

    175g Frozen Morello Cherries

    50ml Morello cherry Monin syrup (optional)

    250ml Coconut milk (or milk of choice)

    For decoration

    180g Bar of Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate flavoured Ice cream sauce.

    Squirty Cream or soya whip

    50g Bag of Cherry drop Uniqucorn

  1. Melt Half of the Dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water, don’t let the bottom of the bowl touch the water.
  2. Dip the rim of 4 milkshake glasses into the melted chocolate and wiggle around so it’s covering roughly 1-2cm down from the rim in chocolate.
  3. Using a sharp knife scrape the flat blade of the knife along the back of the remaining chocolate to create chocolate curls. Pop to one side for later.
  4. In a blender Place the ice cream, Cherries, Syrup (optional) and Milk and blend until smooth.


  1. Squeeze the Chocolate sauce around the inside of each of the glasses and divide the milkshake mix between the 4 glasses.
  2. Top With a nice big squirt of whip, popcorn, the chocolate curls and a squeeze more Chocolate sauce.
  3. Enjoy whilst still icy cold 😊
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