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Hey, Hey, Hey.

So this month started off a little weird with the introduction of the new lock down in the UK. I took it a little hard to start with as that meant that 2 markets I had booked in for the run up to Christmas were cancelled. But have no fear, with all this us small businesses are just learning to adapt and change.

This month I’m completely Poppin’ about CHRISTMAS!!!! yay, its coming around so quickly.
  1. Firstly My 12 Flavours of Uniqucorn Gift Box you guys have been loving it and I’ve been getting great feedback from people who have received theirs. I Have about 10 left now. Did you manage to get yours yet? 
  2. Next, it’s Virtual Markets!!!! I love so much how we have all adapted and changed to the current situation, its so amazing. Perfect example of this is Virtual Markets… I mean who had even heard they were a thing before March this year? On Sunday I’m taking part in this humongous one with over 600 other indie biz’s. Click on the pic to link to the Facebook event but head to Instagram #indierollerextravaganza on for all the real fun!
  3. DUNGAREES!!!! I just can’t explain how much I love dungarees and jumpsuits! Its like you’re out and about in public looking all cool and stuff but in your head its like you’re wearing a onesie!! My hubby asked what I wanted for Christmas and I just said dungarees.Hehe. Especially loving this leopard print ones from Run and Fly!!! Leopard print and Dungarees literally my everything!
  4. Last and by no means least my new flavour Positivi-tea Popcorn. In support of mental health charities. Check me out on a Live next Friday 27th November with Ryan from Mind health solutions to discuss how he came up with the idea for the collaboration and the importance of talking about mental health. 50p From every bag goes to a nominated charity, I’m currently Supporting
Coming in at Number 1…..
Decembers Top Of The Pops will be…

Candy Cane Flavour
8AM Sunday 22nd November
This is the section where I do a little trip down memory lane just for funsies!
This month is a cracker!!!!
On Sunday Toy Story will be 25 years old!!!!!! OMG
I always completely forget that toy story was off of the 90’s! It was so far ahead of its time. 
Released on 22nd November 1995.
In other news the UK number one this time in 1995 was Robson and Jerome (I know right… whhhoooo)
And the top selling Christmas toy that year was POGS!! Big YES to pogs!!! Im going to put my reworked POG earrings on to celebrate!

Candy Cane Popcorn Hot Chocolate
On a cold winter night snuggling in front of the fire is there anything better than a lovely rich steaming Hot chocolate? Now as you may or may not know I don’t like hot drinks; they make me sweat on the inside…. Hot Chocolate however…. Well, that’s more like liquid desert, so that, I can definitely get on board with!!

This recipe makes a super, rich, ultra-chocolatey, hot chocolate that warms the cockles, with a cheeky Uniqucorn twist of course. Perfect for Christmas eve whilst you’re waiting to see if you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year

Thank you so much for your time. Have a fabulous few weeks and I’ll chat to you again in December!
Keep Poppin’

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