January Monthly Pop


Well hasn’t this just been the most Januaryest of all Januarys. I hope you’re coping ok through our most recent lock down. I’ve got to admit I’ve found this one the hardest yet. Very grateful for not having to home school and things so I definitely feel for you if that’s another thing you’re having to juggle. You’re a real star! I’m keeping all my fingers crossed this is all over soon!

January 2021 has brought a change in my ways of working here at Uniqucorn HQ. Its something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while and it felt like the perfect time to do it. From now on the website stock will be updated every Friday with stock I have made throughout the week rather than previously making to order. This should mean you get your Uniqucorny goodness much speedier.
Let me tell you a little secret…. As a member of the Monthly Pop list you will have access to the restock at 5pm each Friday, a full 2 hours before it’s announced on Instagram each week. Just keep your eyes peeled for an email every week confirming that restock is live and letting you know what’s being restocked.
I am very excited to say that this weeks restock is Live for you now!
Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PopcornAesthetic if you’re posting your
yummy pics on social media!

Lockdown is loooonnnnggggggg and I don't know about you but I'm running out of fun ideas of what I can do at home to stop groundhog day happening over and over again haha! I've decided to share a little Uniqucorn magic with you and created these Pop at home kits!!! I can't wait for you to try them! dont forget to add #popcornaesthetic and tag me in your makes. I cant wait to see them.
I've recently found out about The 100 day project and I've decided to take part. I haven't drawn really for a very long time, so I've chosen to do 100 days of drawing/mixed media art, just to try and unlock my creativity again, but you can choose any creative activity you want for 100 days starting on 31st January. Let me know if you decide to take part I would love to see what my Uniqucorns create!
I've signed up to Indie Roller again this year to help grow Uniqucorn and learn all I can to make it bigger and better for you. If you're a small business I would definitely recommend it, the community is amazing and so supportive and theres a real great energy about it. I'm totally poppin about where it is going to help take Uniqucorn! ( P.S if you're subscribed to the Indie roller news paper, keep an eye out for a little article on this Newsletter in the last ever edition, eeepeppp)
Love is in the air, and Valentines day is coming! I've created an alternative valentines day box! I mean who else is bored of roses and Chocolate!!! You make my heart pop box, Netflix and chill, I mean is there a more perfect lock down Valentines evening.

Trying Veganuary? Last chance to try Januarys Top Of The Pops, Banoffee Flavour, in Collaboration with @dirtygingervegan.

Delicious pieces of toffee and banana flavoured popcorn which combine to create a gorgeous banoffee party in your mouth enjoy with a lockdown film or why not use to top a delicious Vegan banoffee freakshake

D:ream – Things Can Only Get Better was number 1 on this day in 1992 and I think its the perfect choice for this months nostialgic flashback. I mean maybe we all need reminding now that things are going to get better! I’ve put a little link onto the picture so if you have spotify you can have a cheeky listen right away! I hope it brightens up your day!

I thought you would love this new recipe in my blog. Rainbow Uniqucorn Cheese cake! It’s been so popular over on my Instagram and super easy to make. Don’t forget to use our community hashtag #PopcornAesthetic on social media if you make it. It really is the most Instagramable cheesecake ever!

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