February Monthly Pop

Hey A-Maize-ing Uniqucorns

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!! 
We made it through, what felt like, the longest darkest glumest winter everrrrr and now spring is springing up all around us!
Today I’ve been wearing a T-shirt with no extra layer over the top as the sun has beamed trough my window!!! 
I feel like spring coming has completely coincided with the announcement this week and us finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. 
Everything just seems brighter and happier, or is that just me? 🙂

This weeks restock is Live now. I’m so sorry I was unable to release it much earlier for you this week, but have no fear, next week I’ll make it extra early to make up for it.
I also have some very VERY exciting announcement coming next month so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox as I’ll be letting you know first! eeeeek!

Back in January... oh my that feels like so long ago already! I did a 'Pop'ular choice vote in my stories for one of last years Top Of The Pops to return as a permanent member of the Uniqucorn family and you Voted for Bubblegum! Whooop! I just wanted to thank you if you voted and let you know it's launched on the website tonight and is Live for you now. I've also added it as an extra flavour choice on the super 'pop'ular Pop at home kits so you can make it yourself.
The website has had a shiney new update and I love it! I think a website is an ever evolving thing and version 1.0 I was so proud of, I mean it was my own website argh!!!!! But i always hated how much white there was on it. Haha. It didnt look to bad on the product pages with the bright pictures but on the blog posts it was just too boring for me haha! Now theres more colour and a pretty pattern and everything eeee.
OK completely not realated to anything else at all but I'm certainly 'pop'ping about it this month. I discovered this website called punpedia and it made my month!!! I made up this joke from using the ideas in it hehe! I'm pretty proud of it! and I got so many more ideas for so many other puns just to really sprinkle throughout all my writing and branding from now on I'm so excited!. I've even book marked the corn page just so its only a click away at all times 🙂
I set myself a goal this year of doing a minimum of a market a month. Well, lock down kinda threw a spanner in the works with that didn't it. Haha. So I've decided to think outside the box a little and have signed up for the shop small love indie online market on 26th-27th March. I'll be having some market specials available for the weekend. Dont forget to pop a reminder in your calenders now.

Don’t Miss out

This weeks restock is LIVE NOW and this is your Last Chance to get your hands on February Top Of The Pops….. Drumstick Flavour.
Raspberry and vanilla flavour just like the lollies from your childhood!
You should corn-sider popping to the website now I would hate for you to miss out
A new tasty nostalgic flavour will be revealed next week for March

Todays ‘Pop’ Culture flashback is to this absolute Classic film
Cruel intentions.
It was released 22 years ago next week, on 5th March and has one of my all time fave EVER songs on the sound track The Verve – Bitter sweet Symphony. Its always get me right in the feels!
Plus when my hubby is driving along I often pretend I’m Reese Witherspoon and pull these silly faces at him untill he realises i don’t think he gets what I’m doing but its fun to try!.
I think its free to stream on amazon prime at the moment you should totally have a nostalgic watch back movie night with it (I mean, what better excuse to gorge on popcorn!) hehe shameless plug!

Ok I have a corn-fession to make. After making the new freakshake recipe yesterday, and doing all the photos and videos of the process ready for the blog, I had a slight meltdown trying to make a reel for it. 4 hours wasted later I ended up with no reel, no time to put the recipe up on the website and no patience left. Hey we’re all human right?!?!. I did corn-sider not including this section as a result but I thought to myself you would love a sneaky peak of what’s to come before I show it to anyone else. 
So here it is…
A cheeky sneaky peak of my Black Forest Uniqucorn freakshake just for you.
Keep your eyes peeled for the full recipe to be hitting the blog next week.

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