What Makes Uniqucorn Popcorn So Magical?

Ever wondered what makes Uniqucorn Popcorn just so super delicious? 

Did you know there’s 2 (main tyoes of popcorn), Butterfly and Mushroom.

Butterfly Popcorn is what you typically get from the cinema or as savoury snacks from the supermarket. As the name suggests this popcorn explodes out and spreads like the wings of a butterfly, its great for holding a lighter/looser flavouring and requires slightly less energy to pop properly, as a result this is the popcorn you will find in my pop at home kits, I didn’t want you guys to be left with loads of un-popped kernels after all!

Mushroom Popcorn explodes round, like a mushroom. It has more inside and is great at holding a heavier outside flavouring. This is what is typically used for most gourmet popcorn including your fave, Uniqucorn. It makes it super soft and fluffy on the inside, like a cloud! On top of that all my popcorn is air popped, making it completely oil and saturated fat free.
Next up on this magical Uniqucorn tour we get to the crunchy rainbow candy shell. The crunchy shell is an amazing contrast to the soft inside, like an armadillo, smooth on the inside, crunchy on the outside! (top points if you get the nostalgic 90s reference) Most other gourmet popcorn on the market uses a caramel coating which is pretty similar but also has butter which generally causes the colours to be a little more muted and beige. My technique removes any dairy so it’s accessible to more people and also allows me to have way more fun with colours and get closer to the classic sweets flavours that we all know and love. 

I’ve done loads of research and cant find another UK popcorn brand that uses the same technique as me which makes Uniqucorn totally Unique in the UK (at the time of writing)

I always use flavours that are nostalgic to me, food and flavour has such an amazing way of digging up memories and feelings and I just want to create happy food that makes people smile 🙂

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