Uniqucorn’s environmental and sustainability actions 2022

World Earth Day 2022

3 packets, one of corn kernels, one of pink sugar mix and one of sprinkles all in a packet with a green bio plastic symbol on

I think now more than ever we are more aware of the environmental impact of our purchases and anxious about the state of the planet for future generations. It’s definitely something that I personally worry about A LOT! Probably that state of the planet causes me more anxiety than anything else that may be in the news. I’m constantly working on trying to improve my footprint in both my own life and within my business. I’m a long way from being perfect with my actions, and will never pretend to be. But I do try to think of new ways I can improve everyday. I believe that everyone doing it imperfectly is way better and will have more of an impact than a few people doing it perfectly.

Here are some of the steps I'm taking in Uniqucorn to make it more sustainable.


My Pop at home kits are now Plastic free as of January 2022. The individual packets are made from a compostable bio plastic from Transpack Packaging and even the postage envelope they get sent in is made from compostable packaging.

My gift boxes also get sent out in compostable bags from No Issue who also supply my branded tissue paper, they are part of the eco alliance and sustainability is at the heart of everything they do.

From the very start of my business I have made sure to always use paper packaging tape rather than plastic packaging tape and I also use eco stickers for all the sticker labels on my packaging to reduce the hidden plastic from those which is often forgotten about.


Not every package I send needs extra packaging inside the box to fill it out so I work hard to reduce any unnecessary packaging. For those that do require a little bit of extra padding I have a box of internal packaging from parcels either me or my husband have received which I reuse to package inside Uniqucorn parcels. So you may find your package does include plastic bubble wrap or packaging peanuts or paper, or even a combination of different types but you can rest assured this is all packaging that I have reused instead of sending to landfill.


My biggest problem that I have with reducing plastic in my business is my pouches. It’s something that worries me a lot and I have put a lot of research into finding a completely plastic free option. Being 100% honest with you all here though, unfortunately as a very small business the minimum order quantities and cost is just too much for me to absorb at this time, in order to go fully plastic free I would have to cost my product higher which would set me way higher than the competition and sadly would probably price me out of business. It is something I am always trying to work towards and am regularly researching and is my eventual goal. All my pouches are recyclable and I would encourage you all to please recycle them whilst I work towards a better solution.  

I’m always happy to chat about ways I can improve my footprint and am open to any other ideas and solutions I could take to make a more sustainable business.


Happy World Earth day Uniqucorns. I hope we can all work together to make this earth a little better for everyone.

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