Cosy Outdoor cinema Ideas for every budget this Summer

Take your movie night outside this summer

The weather is FINALLY starting to hot up, school holidays are just around the corner and I don’t know about your but I am ready to be outside.

Setting up your own outdoor cinema in your back garden is such a magical activity for the summer either with the kids for a party, a family movie night or as a romantic evening for the 2 of you. Choose your favourite film add a few Fairy lights and plenty of cosy blankets and of course, don’t forget the Popcorn and you’re away! You don’t have to have lots of fancy equipment or seating, it can be done on any budget so I just thought I’d share with you a few ideas I found on Pinterest and why I love them.

Keep it simple with a sheet

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We all have sheets right? Well not only do they make the comfiest beds, they also make great backyard cinema screens to project your movie on to. Peg them onto your washing line or attach them to your fence or shed. They’re perfectly versatile, and budget friendly. I love how in this image they’ve lined it with fairy lights to add a magical extra touch. 

Don’t forget the Popcorn! How about a Uniqucorn Snack bag selection Pack.

Recreate a mini drive in cinema

This is just the cutest idea for a kids party or sleepover. No fancy equipment necessary. Reuse boxes to make individual cars for them to sit in. You can even turn this into a fun pre movie activity by getting them to decorate the cars themselves first. 

I love how, in this idea, they’ve just put the TV outside under a cover, no need for projectors or screens, simple yet effective. It really goes to show that with a little imagination you can make a super fun outdoor cinema in your own garden just with what you already have at home. 

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All Images Taken from Pinterest

Trampolines aren’t just for jumping

All Images Taken from Pinterest

Thinking outside the box with what you already have in your garden can help to make the most magical of family movie nights. 

By Pegging a sheet onto your trampoline netting as a screen and piling up all your blankets and cushions you can make the comfiest squishiest den big enough for all the family. Run fairy lights around the edge of the netting to add an extra magical touch. 

To project your movie on a budget try one of these rainbow Smart Phone Projectors from Luckies of London, no wires or anything needed, just Download your favourite film onto your phone pop it in and enjoy.

Begin the fun by making a Pop at home kit with the kids before the movie starts.

Transform your paddling pool

I love this idea of piling up your paddling pool with cushions and blankets to make a super comfy bed to watch your film from, another great idea for using what you already have in your garden. Perfect for snuggling up as a couple once the kids have gone to bed or getting family and friends to bring their pools around also so you can make a nice collection of them. Just make sure you’ve dried them out properly first, you dont want to be sitting through the film with a soggy bottom!

No body wants Popcorn crumbs in their paddling pool when they refil it the next day. Add one of our Popcorn Buckets to your movie night to keep the crumbs at bay.

All Images Taken from Pinterest

Splurge on an inflateable screen

All Images Taken from Pinterest

Ok, so this one is probably for the hardcore outdoor cinema fans, not just the one offs. If you love watching films outside and do it regularly why not invest in one of these inflatable movie screens. Urban outfitters has a couple of different sizes but you can get them from quite a few different websites. They add an extra layer of pizzazz to the event and will increase the picture quality from using a sheet.

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Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you found some good idea’s in here. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried any out or if you have any other fabulous ideas for outdoor movie night. Happy watching 🙂
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