My Word of the year 2022

My word of the year 2022

My word for the 2022 is “Create”
I was always creative but growing up my family was always big on the sciences and ‘Book smarts’ so my creativity was always squashed and I always felt like an outsider. But being part of a creative community through Facebook and Instagram over the last few years has inspired me so much. All the awesome things I see people creating and how much creativity my feed is filled with every day blows my mind. So this year I want to let me creativity run free. Santa brought me a sewing machine for Christmas, and at the start of the year I treated myself a Cricut machine, Which I’m still trying to get my head around!! I’m so excited to see what I can create and to learn and play around with things. I want to be able to expand my range to some merchandise and other Brand appropriate things. I have so many ideas my head feels like it’s over flowing but I don’t want to reveal too much and spoil the surprise.
But more than just creating things, and one of my main reasons for starting Uniqucorn in the first place, is I want to create a better life for myself, feel proud of what I do and have more of a work life balance (crazy as a small biz owner I know right 🤣) All this ties in with my word “Create”
My biggest joy from last year was real life in person events. I get such a buzz from them, there’s just something so special about actually meeting customers in real life and chatting to them and seeing their reactions as they try my product for the first time. I feel like I can show off my biz so much more in a 3min real life conversation at an event than I can in 3months of social media use! And now I have Michelle the magical adventure van so I can take my product further afield if its for the right event and fit in an awful lot more stock than in my old fiat 500 🙂

Unfortunately doing lots of markets on weekends I was not giving myself a day off and over Christmas this kinda broke me and didn’t really fit in with my creating a better life for myself dream, so from now on you wont see me around on social media on Mondays unless its a pre scheduled post. I can use it as a day to be with Brody or see friends or even just veg and do nothing ready to smash it again the rest of the week.

 Thanks if you made it this far and if anyone has any cricut tips or advice im all ears as it is something completely and utterly new to me hehe.
Wishing you all an A-Maize-ing 2022


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