5 Easter gift alternatives that aren’t Chocolate.

White letterbox sized box with Uniqucorn Sticker on with a bowl of blue popcorn and displayed with some colourfull paper cut eggs and geometric shapes

Easter’s a funny one isn’t it. Meeting up with family or friends and you feel you should give a little something, especially if they have little ones, but at the same time there’s just SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE! Here’s a mini gift giude of 5 alternative Easter gifts this year that aren’t just another Chocolate egg. All from some amazing small biz’s and all of them cost less than £10 and I’ve tried to include something that would be suitable for everyone so every ones a winner all round.

a plain white egg shaped bath bomb with a blue, yellow and red paint pot and paint brush

Paint your own Bath bomb kit by Handmade Hearts and Smiles


This cute little kit comes with everything you need to paint your own Easter egg shaped bath bomb. Such a quirky and different idea. Keeping the Easter egg theme but with non of the Calories and they smell amazing to boot! Handmade Hearts and smiles are a lovely little Mother daughter team and local biz to me that I’ve met through doing various craft fayres. I’m a huge fan of their bath bombs.


Pop at home Kit by Uniqucorn


Some my fave gifts I ever get are ones that are more than just an item, the ones that are an activity or can become more they’re the best ones. They make the better memories!
With one of my Pop at home kits you can make an event out of it. Gather the kids round, pop the corn together and see how excited they get watching the corn popping. Then build a blanket fort in the living room and enjoy a great film whilst eating warm freshly made Popcorn. When I was a kid our Easter go to film was Jim Hendersons Tales of a bunnys picnic. Everything you would expect from an 80’s Jim henderson film, Puppets, chaos and some totally lovebale characters. I would 100% recomend.
White letterbox sized box with Uniqucorn Sticker on with a bowl of blue popcorn and displayed with some colourfull paper cut eggs and geometric shapes
A pink and a yellow scrunchie with fabric ears coming out and a rabbit print.

Bunny Collection by Craftee Fox


This collection is just so adorably cute with all the spring-y Easter-y vibes! My absolute faves are the Bunny scrunchies (Pictured). Obviously being a 90’s kid I have a slight obsession with scrunchies at the best of times. These ones are a perfect little easter gift bunnies on the fabric and also little bunny ears on them…. too cute! And perfect for wear all summer long.

If the scrunchies aren’t for you there’s lots of other super cute things in this range too from note books to coin purses to little Easter egg hunt tote bags. Be quick though this is the last weekend for Easter orders.

Easter Planner Stickers from Plan Inspire Create


If you have a planner obsessed person in your life, or even a sticker obsessed person in your life how about these super cute planner stickers. With the cutest chicks, bunnines and easter bunting. All illustrated by Emma the owner of Plan Inspire Create and a great low cost addition to my gift list. Just £2.50, Brucey Barcgin

Handpainted Ceramic eggs by Paper Ink Alchemy


Another super lovely local business for my final gift recommendation and definitely the classiest this on my list, Look how lovely these ceramic eggs are. I think the best thing about these is that they can be kept and brought out every Easter making them a much more sustainable Easter gift than something that will only get used once. 

The’re all hand painted with some other different coloured choices on the website too. Great for a grown up Easter gift. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to ready my easter gift guide!

I hope you have an A-MAIZE_ING easter!

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